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Dr. Ryne Paulose, Dr. Gladys Martinez, and Juliana McAllister of NCHS are the primary camp instructors. However, multiple volunteers from NCHS, CDC, and partner organizations work as camp counselors and assist with camp lectures and activities during the week.

Ryne Photo
Ryne Paulose, PhD, MA

Camp Director / Instructor

Science Officer

Dr. Paulose is the camp founder. She is an epidemiologist by training and was the Director and Associate Director for Science for the Division of Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys at NCHS. Dr. Paulose also was a director at Pfizer, Inc. in health economics and outcomes research. She is also one of the camp instructors and enjoys creating fun approaches to teaching children statistics.

Gladys Photo
Gladys Martinez, PhD

Director of Curriculum / Instructor

Statistician (Demography)

Dr. Martinez has been a camp instructor since 2016 and helped design the statistical curriculum. She has  been a statistician demographer in NCHS’ Division of Vital Statistics for more than 24 years. Dr. Martinez brings years of experience teaching, overseeing data collection for surveys, and researching fertility and reproductive health. She loves teaching kids all about data and pivot tables.

Juliana photo
Juliana McAllister, MA

Director of Logistics / Instructor

Survey Statistician

Ms. McAllister has been a camp instructor since 2017. She is a survey  statistician in NCHS’ Division of Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. Ms. McAllister came to NCHS to oversee a national survey on hospital-based victim services. Her background is in criminology.

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The National Center for Health Statistics, CDC
Camp Director, Dr. Ryne Paulose, Director of Operations, Juliana McAllister, and Director of Statistics, Dr. Gladys Martinez

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