NEEMA Recipients and Contacts

CDC Point of Contact

Taiwo Abimbola, Program and Performance Improvement Office (PPIO)

CDC NEEMA Workgroup
  • NCHHSTP/OD: Michelle Van Handel, Taiwo Abimbola, Eduardo Valverde, Tamika Hoyte, Hasan Symum, Dawn Pepin, Kathryn Brookmeyer, Jonathan Mermin, Donna McCree, Ranell Myles, Terrika Barham, Joseph Caldwell, Michael Williams
  • Division of HIV Prevention: Kate Buchacz, Nicole Crepaz, Kevin Delaney, Liz DiNenno, Paul Farnham, Kirk Henny, Karen Hoover, Aileen Huang, Rebecca Huggins, Angela Hutchinson, Hafizul Islam, William Jeffries, Nidhi Khurana, Linda Koenig, Athena Kourtis, Hope King, Cynthia Lyles, Robin MacGowan, Azfar Siddiqi, Sheila Salvant Valentine, Alex Viguerie, Jeff Wiener, Weiming Zhu
  • Division of Viral Hepatitis: Emily Cartwright, Erin Conners, Laura Cooley, Mona Doshani, Nate Furukawa, Neil Gupta, Liesl Hagan, Senad Handanagic, Megan Hofmeister, Lakshmi Panagiotakopoulos, Henry Roberts, Amy Sandul, Eyashu Teshale, Bill Thompson, Nicola Thompson, Clarisse Tsang, Mark Weng, Carolyn Wester
  • Division of Adolescent and School Health: Li Yan Wang, Ari Fodeman, Nicolas Suarez
  • Division of Tuberculosis Elimination: Suzanne Marks, Garrett Asay, Kathryn Koski, Robert Pratt, Julie Self, Carla Winston, Marilyn Wolff
  • Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention: Dayne Collins, Casey Copen, Harrell Chesson, Sam Eppink, Laura Haderxhanj, Matthew Hogben, Tom Gift, Tracy Pondo, Julie Rushmore, Enrique Saldarriaga, Ian Spicknall, Lizzi Torone
  • Cross-Center Collaborators: Grills Ardath (DGMQ), Alice Asher (NCIPC), Anand Date (DGHT), Chris Jones (NCIPC), Annemarie Wasley (GID)

Coalition for Applied Modeling for Prevention (CAMP)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Erika Martin (Professor, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York)

CAMP comprises epidemiologists, economic and infectious disease modelers, clinicians, and economists located at University at Albany, Emory University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Washington, Georgia State University, and University of California – San Diego. CAMP’s work is informed and enhanced by members of the National Policy Advisory Group and the Public Health Advisory Group, comprised of leaders from national and local institutions, state and local health departments, and community-based organizations.

Prevention Policy Modeling Lab (PPML)

Principal Investigator: Joshua A Salomon (Professor of Health Policy – Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Center for Primary Care & Outcomes Research – School of Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford University School of Medicine)

PPML uses simulation modeling, statistics, epidemiology, economics and decision analysis to evaluate the health impact, costs and cost-effectiveness of strategies for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in the United States. The PPML team includes epidemiologists, infectious disease modelers, clinicians, health economists, statisticians and public health practitioners from Stanford University, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston Medical Center and Boston University, Yale School of Public Health, University of Michigan, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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