NCHHSTP Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Program

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EIS officers in NCHHSTP have the opportunity to do impactful work that saves lives, protects people, and reduces health disparities by preventing and controlling infections domestically and internationally.

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NCHHSTP Office of the Director

The mission of NCHHSTP is to prevent infections, morbidity, mortality, health inequities, and stigma associated with HIV, viral hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and tuberculosis (TB).

Every year, millions of people in the United States are infected with HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, or TB and tens of thousands die from their infection. Most of these infections share commonalities, from modes of transmission to demographic, social, and economic conditions that increase risk. As a prevention leader, NCHHSTP focuses on high impact prevention and control efforts to reduce incidence, morbidity, mortality, and health disparities due to these infections.

NCHHSTP has a rich tradition of providing exceptional supervision and training of EIS officers and is known for its diversity of epidemiologic, clinical, biological, psychosocial/behavioral, policy, and other public health approaches.

With hundreds of scientists across our center and numerous partners in communities, states, and nations around the world, NCHHSTP offers EIS officers vast opportunities for collaboration. We invite you to explore the exciting opportunities available in our divisions.

NCHHSTP EIS Leadership

Professional portrait of Dr. Mermin
Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH

Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH (RADM, USPHS, Retired)
NCHHSTP Director (EIS 1995)

Professional portrait of Adam Langer
Adam Langer DVM, MPH

Adam Langer DVM, MPH
Associate Director for Science and EIS program Co-Lead (EIS 2006)

Professional portrait of Christine Agnew-Brune
Christine Agnew-Brune, PhD, MPH

Christine Agnew-Brune, PhD, MPH
EIS Program Co-Lead (EIS 2016)

Professional portrait of Katie Curran
Katie Curran, PhD, MHS

Katie Curran, PhD, MHS
EIS Conference Scientific Program Committee Representative (EIS 2014)

Professional portrait of Donna Benton
Donna Benton, BS

Donna Benton, BS
EIS Program Assistant

2024 EIS Positions at NCHHSTP

Division of HIV Prevention (DHP)

Detection and Response Branch and Behavioral and Clinical Surveillance Branch

  • NCHHSTP-DHP-DRB-2024-01
  • Primary Supervisor: Katie Curran (EIS 2014)
  • Secondary Supervisors: Rebecca Hershow (EIS 2020) and Emily Holman

Division of STD Prevention (DSTDP)

Surveillance and Data Science Branch

  • Primary Supervisor: David Jackson (EIS 2017)
  • Secondary Supervisors: Julie Rushmore (EIS 2019) and Sancta St. Cyr

Division of Viral Hepatitis (DVH)

Office of the Director

  • NCHHSTP-DVH-OD-Georgia-2024-01
  • Primary Supervisor: Nathan Furukawa (EIS 2018)
  • Secondary Supervisors: Rania Tohme (EIS 2009) and Yuri Springer (EIS 2015)

Current EIS Officers

Division of HIV Prevention

Professional portrait of Preetam Choli
Preetam Choli

Preetam Choli (EIS 2022)

Professional portrait of Rini Jose
Rini Jose

Rini Jose (EIS 2023)

Professional portrait of Barbara Keino
Barbara Keino

Barbara Keino (EIS 2022)

Professional portrait of John Le
John Le

John Le (EIS 2023)

Professional portrait of Valerie Madera-Garcia
Valerie Madera-Garcia

Valerie Madera-Garcia (EIS 2022)

Division of STD Prevention

Professional portrait of Priyanka Anand
Priyanka Anand

Priyanka Anand (EIS 2023)

Professional portrait of Sarah Wondmeneh
Sarah Wondmeneh

Sarah Wondmeneh (EIS 2022)

Division of Tuberculosis Elimination

Professional portrait of Kimberly Schildknecht
Kimberly Schildknecht

Kimberly Schildknecht (EIS 2022)

Professional portrait of Paula Williams
Paula Williams

Paula Williams (EIS 2023)