Workplace Radiation Incidents

Workplaces like health care facilities, research institutions, and industrial operations may use radiation sources. An incident can happen if:

  • radiation sources are stored or used incorrectly
  • safety controls malfunction
  • safety procedures are not followed
vector graphic of a health care facility, a tall building and an industrial building
vector graphic of a person figure with radiation sources

The health effects from a workplace incident involving radiation sources could range from no health effects to very serious health effects based on several factors:

  • the type and amount of radioactive material
  • how long people were near the radioactive material or how long the radioactive material was in or on the body
  • how close people were to the radioactive material
  • what parts of the body were exposed
What should I do to protect myself?

vector graphic of document with radiation symbols on it

If your workplace uses radiation sources, use required personal protective and monitoring equipment, be familiarwith safety precautions and procedures, and complete required radiation safety trainings.

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Report any incidents involving radiation to safety officials immediately. Stay as far away from the site of the incident as possible.

vector graphic of a medical kit

If you are involved in a workplace radiation incident, follow instructions from safety officials and contact your doctor.

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