Be Ready for Hurricane Season

You can’t stop a tropical storm or hurricane, but you can take steps now to protect yourself and your family.

If you live in areas at risk, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages you to be prepared for hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 each year. It’s always important to be prepared for a hurricane. Your planning may be different this year because of the need to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. For tips to help you safely prepare, evacuate, and shelter for severe storms while protecting yourself and others from COVID-19, please see: Preparing for Hurricanes During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Preparing for a Hurricane

Follow these important hurricane preparedness tips from CDC:

CDC recommends that you print important documents (e.g., emergency phone numbers, insurance information) before a hurricane strikes. Power outages during and after a hurricane can prevent you from accessing information online when you most need it.

Preparing now can help keep you and your family safe.

Staying Safe After a Hurricane

In addition to preparing for a hurricane, it’s important to take steps to stay safe after a hurricane is over, for example:

Visit Stay Safe After a Hurricane or Other Tropical Storm for more tips on staying safe after a hurricane.

Additional information and resources are available on the CDC Hurricanes and Other Tropical Storms website.

Be Ready Before and After Hurricanes
Be Ready Before and After Hurricanes

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Be ready before and after a flood. Learn more at
Be Ready Before and After a Flood

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Are you prepared? Gather emergency supplies. Learn more at
Are you prepared? Gather emergency supplies.

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Learn the difference between a watch and warning
Learn the difference between a watch and warning

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The Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1 to November 30.
Atlantic Hurricane Season

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Be ready for #hurricane season! Prepare your home & car in case you have to evacuate.

Planning for hurricane season may be different this year. Know how to prepare for hurricane season during the #COVID19 pandemic to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Hurricane season starts June 1. During the #COVID19 pandemic, give yourself more time than usual to prepare your emergency food, water, and medicine supplies.

Get ahead of the storm with our #hurricane infographic full of tips to make your home hurricane ready:

You can’t stop a hurricane, but you can take steps to protect yourself & family before it hits.

Get ready for #hurricane season & make sure your supplies are stocked! Here’s a quick list to help you out:

With #HurricaneName brewing, now it’s a good time to update your emergency kit.

Follow these tips from @ASPCA to keep your pet safe if a #hurricane strikes:  external icon

Do you have a disaster plan for your family (including pets) in the event of a #hurricane or severe storm? This year be aware that your shelter location may have changed. Check with local authorities and make a plan before the storm.


During a #hurricane watch, cover windows & doors. Learn how to protect your home.

#Hurricanes can cause storm surge to travel several miles inland, threatening lives & property. Be prepared:

Flooded roads? Never drive through roads covered in water. Nearly half of #flood fatalities occur in vehicles.

Listen to local authorities for what to do during heavy #flooding. Never ignore an evacuation order.


Stay safe during #hurricane cleanup. Learn how:

After a #hurricane, throw out foods that may not be safe. When in doubt, throw it out!

Learn how to disinfect water when a #hurricane makes tap water unsafe.

Hand washing is part of disaster cleanup, too. Wash hands before handling food & whenever you stop working.

Keep your family safe from #COpoisoning after #hurricanes. Learn how:

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