World Hearing Day

Hearing loss due to loud sounds can be prevented

Ear and hearing care for all! Let’s make it a reality. CDC supports the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Day, on March 3rd. World Hearing Day promotes ear and hearing care across the world and raises awareness of how to prevent deafness and hearing loss.

This year we stress the following points:

  • Ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community.
  • Over 60% of these can be identified and addressed at the primary level of care.
  • Integration of ear and hearing care into primary care services is possible through training and capacity building at this level.
  • Such integration will benefit people and help countries move towards the goal of universal health coverage.
Poster: World hearing day - March 3, 2023. Ear and hearing care for all! Let's make it a reality - World Health Organization

Primary health care can address over 60% of the need for ear and hearing care services.

Tips for Healthy Ears


  • Use earplugs in noisy places
  • Check your hearing regularly
  • Wear your hearing aids regularly when advised
  • See a doctor if you have ear or hearing problems


  • Put cotton buds, oil, sticks or pins inside your ears
  • Swim or wash in dirty water
  • Share earphones or earbuds
  • Listen to loud sounds or loud music

According to the World Health Organization

  • More than 360 million people live with disabling hearing loss.
  • More than 1 billion people aged 12-35 years are at risk of hearing loss due to recreational noise exposure.
  • Globally, the overall cost of not addressing hearing loss is more than $750 billion.