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Gay and bisexual men are part of a very diverse community. They have both shared and unique experiences and situations that affect their physical and mental health needs as well as their ability to get high quality health services. This website provides an overview of the different health and other issues faced by gay and bisexual men.

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For Your Health

Gay and bisexual men, like all men, need to know the different ways they can protect their health throughout their lives.

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Gay and bisexual men of all races continue to be the group most severely affected by HIV. Get the facts about prevention plus links to more resources.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Learn more about STD prevention and treatment, plus get resources about chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, HPV, and syphilis.

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Viral Hepatitis

Gay and bisexual men have a higher chance of getting viral hepatitis. Learn more about prevention and how Hepatitis A, B, and C are spread.

Health Outreach

CDC has many varied activities and programs to address the health and well-being of gay and bisexual men.