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Educational materials

For General Public

Also see Disease and Genetic Information, Family Health History, Glossaries, and other sections of interest in this resource guide.

For Policymakers

For Researchers and Public Health Professionals

Also see Training Programs and Courses and Academic Degree Programs

For Teachers

Ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) information

Also see Policy


  • Upcoming Events
    Conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings related to genomics and public health offered in the United States and other countries

Selected past events related to public health genomics offered by CDC and partners.

Evidence-based recommendations

Evidence-based recommendations on the validity and utility of specific genetic tests currently being used in clinical practice.

Evidence-based reviews on specific genetic tests and family health history conducted through the Evidence-Based Practice Centers (EPC) Program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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