Frequently Asked Questions

Using the CDC Fellowships, Internships, and Learning Opportunities Website

Where can I find information about a specific fellowship, internship, or learning opportunity?

Once you find an opportunity you’re interested in, click on the hyperlinked name of the program to access that program’s website for additional information. In some cases, you may also email the listed point-of-contact for more information. Note that some opportunities are offered in partnership with CDC and will direct you to external websites. Fellowships offered in partnership with CDC are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Application Status

What’s the status of my fellowship or internship application?

Please use the email address provided by the specific fellowship or internship program to find out how to obtain additional information regarding the status of your application.


Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for a fellowship, internship, or learning opportunity at CDC?

Most CDC fellowships require that applicants are U.S. citizens or hold a visa permitting permanent residency. Visit the website for the opportunity you are interested in for more specific information.


Financial Assistance

Does CDC provide financial assistance for any fellowships or internships?

Some fellowships and internships at CDC are paid opportunities. However, CDC does not sponsor financial assistance or scholarship opportunities. We are not able to advise or give guidance on financial assistance.

Do any CDC fellowships or internships offer tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance?

CDC does not offer tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance. Federal Student Aid, an Office of the U.S. Department of Education, offers the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. If you are employed by a government or not-for-profit organization, you may be able to receive loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Learn more to see whether you might qualify.

Hosting a CDC Fellow or Intern

How can I host a CDC fellow or intern?

CDC fellows and interns can provide invaluable public health service and support to CDC Centers, Institutes, or Offices and federal, state and local public health organizations. Visit the Become a Host Site section of the website for more information about how to host a CDC fellow or intern to help your organization meet public health goals. CDC programs interested in hosting a fellow or intern can send an email to

Working at CDC

Can you give me advice about working at CDC? Or may I speak with someone about my career path?

Unfortunately, CDC cannot directly advise individuals on how to make career decisions. However, you might find some helpful information on the following webpages:

What kinds of opportunities are available at CDC?

There are several fellowship, internship, and learning opportunities at CDC. As you explore our CDC Fellowships site, you can browse opportunities by education level and short- and long-term duration. You can also search for Careers at CDC to learn about CDC’s featured jobs and career fields.

Can I send you my resume?

CDC does not review unsolicited resumes, writing samples, or Curriculum Vitae (CVs). Please use the designated application process for the opportunity you are interested in to ensure that your credentials and qualifications are reviewed by the appropriate parties.

Can I shadow someone at CDC for a day?

In general we are not set up for such short experiences. It is possible that there are some opportunities through the Student Worksite Experience Program (SWEP). To find out more about that program you can contact Human Resources at

How can I volunteer at CDC?

CDC does not maintain a centralized database of volunteer opportunities. However, the Student Worksite Experience Program (SWEP) offers volunteer opportunities at CDC for current high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

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How can I sign up for the CDC Fellowships eNewsletter?

You can sign up to receive our bi-monthly eNewsletter for up-to-date information and developments about CDC fellowships. Select “Fellowship Programs” in the “Office of Public Health Scientific Services (OPHSS)” dropdown under the GovDelivery subscription options.