Wes Studi: Don’t Get Don’t Spread Transcript

[Wes Studi speaking Cherokee] Hello. My name is Wes Studi. I am Cherokee.

[Wes Studi] I’m concerned about the threat that influenza poses for Native peoples. In some parts of the United States, Native people are more likely to be admitted to hospitals and have more severe problems with H1N1 flu. The best way to protect yourself, your family and your community against flu is to get vaccinated. Ask your healthcare provider for a seasonal flu vaccine and the new vaccine for the H1N1 flu. You can also help reduce your risk of becoming ill with flu by washing your hands often . . .

[Mother] Good job!

[Wes Studi] . . . and staying away from sick people.

[Elder] I think I’m going to have to take off . . .

[Wes Studi] If you’re sick, protect others by staying home from work or school. Cover your coughs and sneezes to avoid the spread of germs. Protect the circle life. Help prevent the spread of flu in your families and communities.

[Wes Studi speaking Cherokee] Take real good care of yourselves. Thank you.

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