CDC Disease Detective Camp video transcript

[Girl 1] We got to really see the real CDC.

[Girl 2] It definitely helped me decide a little bit where I want to go in the future.

[Boy 1] It’s a great experience and honestly, I think it would change someone’s life.

[Girl 3] I applied for the Disease Detective Camp because I was always really interested in the CDC’s work. I’d read some books about what they do and I was really interested in the epidemic side of it, to learn about outbreaks and how they’re caused and spread, but then I got here and I realized that there are so many other opportunities available.

[Trudi Ellerman] Open to upcoming high school juniors and seniors, the CDC Disease Detective Camp explores careers in public health, basic epidemiology terms, infectious and chronic disease tracking, public health law, and outbreak investigations.

[Girl 4] The Disease Detective Camp allowed me to bridge that gap between an idea that I knew I liked and actually how I could find a career path that would help me do that.

[Girl 5] I came here because I was not sure whether I was interested in the science in medicine or the public policy part and I learned that I could combine the two.

[Girl 6] I would say my favorite part of the camp was the PulseNet Labs where we got to see what the biologist and the chemist get to do in the lab and they get to work with real viruses and bacteria and figure out which one matches to see if it’s an outbreak or not.

[Boy 2] My favorite part was the Global Health Fair. It was a great opportunity to see different perspectives and around the world what you can do to change people’s lives.

[Girl 7] Hearing the different speakers I thought, that was my favorite part, to hear like people that were actually involved with the Smallpox eradication. I mean, that’s just amazing to be able to hear them and to see them, like in person.

[Girl 8] My favorite part was actually trying on the hazardous materials suit. It was actually harder to get into and moving around makes me really admire the people.

[Girl 4] I was very impressed by how high tech everything looked. There are huge TV screens everywhere and it really made you feel like you’re in the middle of some sort of government operation trying to figure out, you know, the next pandemic.

[Girl 9] Well, one of my favorite parts was the Epidemic Intelligence Service, when they talked. They told us what they did and it just sounded really nice because I would like to travel when I get older and it sounds like that’s something that they do.

[Boy 3] My favorite, if I had to pick, would be probably the press conference because there was firsthand experience of how the CDC communicates with the public.

[Girl 10] My favorite session was… I don’t know, I really liked all of them.

[Girl 11] I thought the CDC camp was really awesome; it was really a great learning experience. When I heard about it I didn’t really know what epidemiology was. I had never really heard of it and then I came here and I’m thinking about majoring in it now. It sounds really awesome.

[Girl 12] If you’re looking for something fun to do over the summer come to the CDC camp and don’t spend your time just watching TV at home because it’s really interesting and you’ll learn a lot of fun stuff.

[Girl 13] Actually, I’m thinking about being an epidemiologist now after learning so much about it.


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