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Impact Statement

The 2010 Census population distribution of Minnesota is shown along with the hospital service areas for Minnesota Stroke Registry hospitals participating in the program as of February 2012.

Minnesota Stroke Registry Hospital Service Areas and Population Distribution, 2012

Using these data, 71% of Minnesotans reside in the hospital service areas of facilities that are actively engaged in a coordinated quality improvement program for acute stroke. This map is used to demonstrate the statewide impact of the Minnesota Stroke Registry program by highlighting the locations of participating hospitals and the communities that they serve. It underscores the growth of the registry program, which started in 2008 with 13 hospitals in the Twin Cities and Rochester, to dozens more hospitals from all regions of the state. It is shared as part of most presentations that provide an overview of the program and its activities. The map also provides visual representation of the reach and impact of the program for CDC and other participating states.

ArcGIS 9.3.1; Adobe Illustrator CS5

Hospital Service Areas, Dartmouth Health Atlas, 2009; 2010 US Census Redistricting Data P.L. 94-171.

The 2009 Hospital Service Areas delineated in the Dartmouth Health Atlas were visualized for each hospital participating in the Minnesota Stroke Registry, a CDC Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry Program, as of February 2012 by the green shading. Under this shading is the population distribution of Minnesota from the 2010 Census, with each dot representing 250 individuals. The population density is shown by census tract, but the tract borders have been removed in favor of county boundaries. The sum of the population in the Hospital Service Areas is included under the legend.

James Peacock, Epidemiologist Senior, Minnesota Department of Health
(651) 201-5405

Minnesota Stroke Registry Hospital Service Areas and Population Distribution, 2012 Peacock, James, Minnesota Department of Health, [TODAY’S DATE].

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