Submit Your Map to the GIS Map Gallery

How do I submit a map?

Complete the map submission form (download the form Cdc-pdf[PDF – 150 KB]).

Please attach your map and the completed submission form in an email to

Map Submission Guidelines:

  • Format: PDF (color or not)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Size: Letter size (8.5 x 11), Portrait or Landscape
  • Required graphical elements: title, organizational logo and/or authorship information, sources

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone may submit a qualifying map that they had a direct role in producing, supervising, or that was created for their use.

Maps should be focused on some aspect of public health and chronic disease.

Maps that are accepted for inclusion in the map gallery will be viewable by everyone who visits the GIS Exchange.

  • Your submission form will be reviewed for completeness. Your submission form will be reviewed by the website moderator to check that the form is complete and that the map meets the GIS Exchange subject matter and format requirements
  • You may be contacted by the moderator with questions. You may be contacted by email for clarification if the moderator has questions about the map or the information in the form.
  • Once reviewed and approved your map will be posted to the gallery; this may take up to two weeks. This will depend also on the backlog of maps submitted. We will do our best to post your maps promptly.