Request New Disease Specific LIVD Files

Laboratory professionals or others working in healthcare systems can follow this process to request that new disease-specific LIVD files be published by CDC and APHL. 

Follow this Process to Request a New File
  1. Email using “LIVD Test Code Mapping” in the subject line and state your interest in creating a new disease-specific LIVD file.  
  2. Work with CDC to gather relevant information that defines the need and describes the benefit of the new file. 
  3. Read about APHL’s Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) technical assistance (TA).
  4. Use APHL’s ELR TA form to submit your request.  
  5. Review and respond to communication from APHL and CDC, who will review your request to determine if resources are available to create the new file. If feasible, APHL and CDC will share initial plans for the LIVD file with you.  
  6. Work with the APHL Informatics Technical Assistance (TA) Team to populate the draft LIVD file with comprehensive, disease-specific test information.
    • You will provide all tests and related package inserts to the Informatics TA Team. If you are aware of any applicable codes, include those for each test. 
  7. Work with the Informatics TA Team to ensure codes are complete and correct. Submit the file through your organization’s clearance process for approval, if needed. 
  8. Email your LIVD file and documentation of your organization’s approval to publish the file to CDC by contacting CDC will inform you when it is published on the agency’s LIVD web page. 
Keep your File Up to Date

After your file is published, you should plan to review the LIVD file at least every six months to align with standards development organization (SDO) publications. You are responsible for adding new tests and updating attributes to the file. If there are no additional tests or changes to report by the six-month mark, no update is required. If there are changes to make, you can request assistance by submitting a new ELR TA Request or email with your request and use the subject line “LIVD Test Code Mapping.” 

If CDC or the LIVD team receives requests from manufacturers or users to add tests or update test information in the disease-specific LIVD file you maintain, they will share this information with you when they receive it. You can use this input in your next file review or update. 

Get Help from LIVD Code Experts

If you need help editing your file, you can request a meeting with informatics experts from CDC, FDA, NLM, and Regenstrief who develop entries for LIVD files. Contact with your request and use the subject line “LIVD Test Code Mapping.