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Please visit this page prior to and during the meeting to access information as it becomes available, such as updated agendas, presentations, and handouts. Public comments can also be submitted in advance of the meeting for consideration by the Committee.

Participant Information

The meeting was held on November 8-9, 2023, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

November 8-9, 2023 Meeting Documents

The agenda included agency updates from CDC, CMS, and FDA. Presentations and CLIAC discussions focused on the final report from the CLIA Regulations Assessment Workgroup, efforts to address the CLIA top 10 laboratory deficiencies, standardization of test result communication, and the role of the laboratory in antibiotic stewardship.

FRN CLIAC November 8-9, 2023

CLIAC Agenda

1_CDC Update

2_CMS Update

3_FDA Update

4_CLIA Reg Assmt WG

4a_CLIA Reg Assmt WG Final Report

5_CLIA Top10 Intro

6_CMS CLIA Top10







13_Intro LD and AS

14_DS Improve AS


16_Intro Test Result Communication

17_Test Result Communication

17a_VHA Directive 1088




PC_Lab Consultants

Providing Oral or Written Comments

It is the policy of CLIAC to accept written public comments and provide a brief period for oral public comments pertinent to agenda items. Public comment periods for each agenda item are scheduled immediately prior to the Committee discussion period for that item.

How to Provide Oral Comments
In general, each individual or group requesting to present an oral comment will be limited to a total time of five minutes (unless otherwise indicated). If you want to make an oral comment during the meeting, email CLIAC@cdc.gov at least five business days prior to the meeting date. All comments will be included in the meeting Summary Report posted on this website.

How to Provide Written Comments
For individuals or groups unable to attend the meeting, CLIAC accepts written comments up to the first day of the meeting. However, it is requested that comments be submitted at least five business days prior to the meeting date so that the comments are available to the Committee for their consideration and public distribution on the CLIAC website. Email comments to CLIAC@cdc.gov or mail comments to the address below. Written comments will be included in the meeting Summary Report posted on this website.

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