Upcoming CLIAC Meeting

Participate in Public Comment on Emerging Technologies and the Clinical Laboratory

At this meeting, CLIAC is specifically soliciting public comments to address the questions below. Information provided via public comments will not be considered advice directly addressed to HHS. Rather, it will be used by CLIAC to inform their deliberations and recommendations to HHS and to help focus a CLIAC workgroup that will be convened in response to an April 2019 CLIAC recommendation that such a workgroup be charged with providing input to CLIAC in advising how CLIA might be updated.

  1. Are bioinformaticists needed in clinical and public health laboratories? If so, what are the current roles, responsibilities, and competencies of bioinformaticists in these settings?
  2. What areas exist in CLIA where specific requirements or guidance might be needed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of new and emerging laboratory technologies and nontraditional testing workflow models, including next generation sequencing, biomarker testing, metagenomics, and others?
  3. What data are available that could assist in answering how CLIA may need to be revised or where guidance may be needed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of emerging technologies?

In general, each individual or group requesting to make oral comments will be limited to a total time of ten minutes (unless otherwise indicated). Written comments can also be provided up to the first day of the meeting. Send comments to CLIAC@cdc.gov.

Meeting Information for November 6-7, 2019

General information and meeting topics are published at least 15 calendar days in advance in the Federal Register, with detailed agendas posted prior to the meeting. Meetings are open to the public and are also webcast.

Please visit this page prior to and during the meeting to access information as it becomes available, such as updated agendas, presentations, and handouts. Public comments can also be submitted in advance of the meeting for consideration by the Committee.

Meeting Information


November 6-7, 2019


1600 Clifton Road NE
Tom Harkin Global Communications Center
Building 19, Auditorium B
Atlanta, GA 30329-4018


http://cdclabtraining.adobeconnect.com/cliac/external icon

Meeting Resources
Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodation, and will not be reimbursed by CDC.

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Meeting Documents

More documents will be added as they become available closer to the meeting date.

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Providing Oral or Written Comments

It is the policy of CLIAC to accept written public comments and provide a brief period for oral public comments during the meeting whenever possible.

How to Provide Oral Comments
In general, each individual or group requesting to present an oral comment will be limited to a total time of five minutes. Additional time might be permitted at the Committee Chair’s discretion. If you want to make an oral comment during the meeting, contact us at least seven calendar days before the first day of the meeting so we can try to make adequate time in the schedule. Email us at CLIAC@cdc.gov. We’ll include a transcript of all oral comments in the meeting Summary Report posted on this website.

How to Provide Written Comments
CLIAC accepts written comments up to the first the day of the meeting. Submit your comment at least seven calendar days before the meeting date so the Committee can consider it and make it available for public distribution. Mail one hard copy with original signature to the address below. Written comments will be included in the meeting Summary Report posted on this website.

Attention: CLIAC Secretariat
1600 Clifton Road NE
Mailstop V24-3
Atlanta, GA 30333

You can submit your comment by email at this address: CLIAC@cdc.gov.

Page last reviewed: April 10, 2019