Cholesterol Communications Kit

The social media messages and graphics below can help your audiences understand what cholesterol is and why managing cholesterol is important for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Help DHDSP spread awareness by sharing these resources on your social media pages.

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Social Media Messages

Find messages about cholesterol management to share with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter followers.

Drawing of cholesterol buildup in arteries.

September is National Cholesterol Education Month! Help your audiences understand the importance of cholesterol management.

Shareable Graphics

Cholesterol Monster

The “cholesterol monster” illustrations below are intended to highlight the nature of high cholesterol in a playful way that can encourage your audience to learn about cholesterol without feeling intimidated by complex imagery. Download these cholesterol graphics to share on your social media pages.

A cholesterol monster.

Two cholesterol monsters.

Three cholesterol monsters.

Four cholesterol monsters.

The animation below shows how plaque can build up on the walls of blood vessels when the body has too much LDL cholesterol. You can download the animation for sharing.

Red blood cells, white blood cells, and low-density lipoprotein (or blood cholesterol) flowing through an artery. Arterial plaque from high blood cholesterol builds up slowly, causing the artery wall to narrow. The image reads: Is

Animation Description

Is “bad” cholesterol building up in your arteries? Find out with a simple blood test. Talk to a health care professional about cholesterol screening.

Take a Moment to Talk About Cholesterol

Join DHDSP by starting important conversations about your heart health. Talk with your loved ones and health care team about how you can prevent and manage high blood cholesterol. Download these graphics to share on your social media pages.

Take a moment to learn about cholesterol. Learn the basics.

Take a moment to learn about cholesterol. Have an honest conversation with yourself.

Take a moment to talk about cholesterol. Heart health is a family matter.

Take a moment to talk about cholesterol. Cholesterol management is a team effort.


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