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CDC-TV Video: CDC Disease Detective Camp (3:39)

CDC Disease Detective Camp (3:39)

The CDC Disease Detective Camp gives rising high school juniors and seniors exposure to key aspects of the CDC, including basic epidemiology, infectious and chronic disease tracking, public health law, and outbreak investigations. The camp also helps students explore careers in public health.

CDC-TV Video: Global Disease Detectives (6:40)

Global Disease Detectives (6:40)

CDC global health leadership brings the world’s leading public health experts to a Guatemala cave, where rabid bats threaten human health. Elsewhere, CDC community workers keep a health watch over Kenya’s poor; while in China, CDC scientists protect babies from a mysterious outbreak. These examples of CDC at work in the world help protect America and all from disease threats that respect no borders.

CDC-TV Video: Why Surveillance Matters (:45)

Why Surveillance Matters (:45)

Disease knows no borders. They travel quickly, broadly, and quietly, creating a perfect storm of vulnerability. CDC works around the world 24/7 as our nation’s front line of defense from health threats. Counted on to identify outbreaks and stop them, to find out what works to protect health, and put science into action. America’s next health threat could arrive from anywhere. CDC is ready 24/7.

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