Our Mailings

Did you get one of our mailings? Below are some of the mailings that health departments send out to people chosen to take part in the survey.

These are only a few of the mailing designs that are sent out. The health department may also send other mailing designs to your mailbox, such as formal letters or flyers.

How to Confirm a Mailing is From Us

These are pieces of information that will always be included in the mailing:

Your Name

Your Name

Heath Department Name

Health Department Name

A CDC or Health Department Logo

A CDC or Health Department Logo

piggybank icon

Mention of a $50 Token of Appreciation

phone icon

Phone Number to Call

Example Mailings

Your voice matters! postcard
summer postcard
Fall postcard
Halloween postcard
Thanksgiving postcard
Giving Tuesday postcard
Happy Holidays postcard
New Years postcard
winter postcard
Sorry we missed you postcard
St. Patty postcard
April postcard