Pesticide Illness & Injury Surveillance

Guidance for Building a State-based Pesticide Surveillance Program

The following documents were developed to guide state-based surveillance efforts and to promote comparability of data across states. States can use this information to build their own surveillance program. The guidance, along with the free software program, was set up to allow states to collect and manage the information needed to participate in the SENSOR-Pesticides program, if they choose to.  Health departments who are interested in participate in SENSOR-Pesticides program may contact us to learn more.

Documents to Get Started

Free SENSOR-Pesticide Incident Data Entry Reporting Software (SPIDER)

States can use the SENSOR-Pesticides Incident Data Entry and Reporting (SPIDER) software for free to enter their pesticide-related illness data.

In a standardized fashion, this software is capable of collecting, managing and reporting information necessary to conduct surveillance on acute pesticide-related illness. By collecting detailed information on each case of acute pesticide-related illness, including the pesticide product responsible for the illness, where it was used, and how it was applied, the root causes for poisoning events can be identified and this information can be used to design prevention strategies.

To receive SPIDER, please contact Walter Alarcon.

The data dictionary of standardized variables used by the SENSOR-Pesticides program and in SPIDER can be found at: Standardized Variables for Surveillance Database