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About PMR Charts for Cancer and Chronic Disease

The PMR Charts display proportionate mortality ratios (PMRs) for cancer and chronic work-related disease for up to 15 industries within each NORA sector. To explore PMR charts, users may select charts to view that show PMRs by industry or by cancer or chronic disease during either of two time periods:

After selecting a mode of display—by industry or disease, one of ten sectors may be selected. All PMRs were computed using multiple cause analysis, were age-adjusted, and contain data for all races and genders combined.
For each time period above, over 3000 charts display elevated risks within the chosen sector. PMRs are displayed for 23 site-specific cancers and 17 cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, diabetes, renal, and other diseases for up to 15 industries in each sector. They include agriculture, forestry, fishing; mining; oil and gas extraction; construction; manufacturing, wholesale & retail trade; transportation, warehousing & utilities; healthcare & social assistance; justice, public safety; and services. The industries were structured in collaboration with the NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Sector managers. The charts’ purpose is to help sector councils understand elevated mortality risks and identify gaps to help prioritize further studies and prevention for their sectors. For more information about cancer, chronic disease, and PMR methods, please visit Methods Page.

Page last reviewed: November 20, 2015