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Retail Trade Sector Profile - Table B

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Retail Trade Sector Profile - Table B

Table B. U.S. Retail Trade Workers by Occupational Category, 2010

Occupational category Census 2010 Occupation Codes Estimated Population Represented by Sample % of U.S. Retail Trade Workforce
Management Occupations 0010-0430625,9203.65
Business and Financial Operations Occupations 0500-0950311,5041.82
Computer and Mathematical Occupations 1005-1240119,8050.7
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports and Media Occupations 2600-2960147,0970.86
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations 3000-3540571,2433.33
Protective Service Occupations 3700-395557,1140.33
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations 4000-4160500,7372.92
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations 4200-4250148,8230.87
Personal Care and Service Occupations 4300-4650108,3800.63
Sales and Related Occupations 4700-49659,183,79253.52
Office and Administrative Support Occupations 5000-59402,788,97816.25
Construction and Extraction Occupations 6200-694054,5420.32
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations 7000-7630604,0883.52
Production Occupations 7700-8965529,3683.08
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations 9000-97501,318,6437.68
Other occupations All other Census occupation codes90,8900.53
Total* 17,160,924100

*The total number of Retail Trade workers represented by these occupational groups is slightly less than the total number of Retail Trade workers represented by the full industry sample due to missing values for occupation

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