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Healthcare Workers by Occupational Category - Table A

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Healthcare Workers by Occupational Category - Table A

Table A. Healthcare Workers by Occupational Category, 2010

Occupational category Census 2010 Occupation Codes Estimated Population Represented by Sample % of U.S. Healthcare Workforce
Health diagnosing and treating practitioners (all) 3000-32604,290,12926.5
Dentists 3010137,1050.9
Physicians and surgeons 3060840,8215.2
Physician assistants 3110123,7540.8
Physical therapists 3160110,8860.7
Respiratory therapists 3220102,3120.6
Registered nurses 32552,505,36815.5
Nurse midwives and nurse practitioners 3257, 325869,8130.4
Health technologists and technicians (all) 3300-35351,560,9319.7
Dental hygienists 3310134,9340.8
Diagnostic related technologists and technicians 3320330,9332.1
Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses 3500522,2113.2
Healthcare support occupations (all) 3600-36553,424,03021.2
Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides 36002,082,19912.9
Occupational and physical therapist assistants and aides 3610, 3620143,7330.9
Dental assistants 3640275,4061.7
Phlebotomists 364977,9210.5
Pharmacists and pharmacy aides 3050, 364746,2740.3
Other occupations within the healthcare sector All other Census occupation codes6,857,19042.4
Total* 16,178,554100

*Indented rows represent subsets of rows above.

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