3D Human Models

Anthropometry is the science that defines physical measures of a person’s size, form, and functional capacities. Applied to occupational injury prevention, anthropometric measurements are used to study the interaction of workers with tasks, tools, machines, vehicles, and personal protective equipment — especially to determine the degree of protection against dangerous exposures, whether chronic or acute.

Fire fighters in turnout gear

Firefighter Anthropometry Datasets

U.S. firefighter anthropometric information is needed to update specifications for fire apparatus and firefighter protective equipment.

cover of NIOSH doc 2015-116

Anthropometric Study of U.S. Truck Drivers

NIOSH launched the first-ever federal anthropometric study of U.S. truck drivers.

EMTs in ambulance with patient

EMT Anthropometry Datasets

U.S. EMT anthropometric information is needed to improve the workspace design of ambulance patient compartments for safe and effective performance.

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