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The Respiratory Health Program (RHP) provides national and international leadership for preventing work-related respiratory diseases and optimizing workers’ respiratory health by generating new knowledge and transferring that knowledge into practice to benefit workers. The RHP specializes in identifying, evaluating, and preventing work-related respiratory diseases and delivers resources, products, and services to those in need and to those who can effect prevention.

Featured Items

Progressive massive fibrosis in coal miners from 3 clinics in Virginia

A 2017 investigation of progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) in three black lung clinics in Virginia identified 416 coal miners with PMF during the previous four years, which is the largest cluster of PMF ever reported in the medical literature.

Health hazard evaluation report: evaluation of exposures and respiratory health at a coffee roasting, flavoring, and packaging facility

Higher levels of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione were associated with grinding coffee and flavoring coffee tasks, carbon monoxide exceeded the NIOSH ceiling limit near ground coffee, and asthma was four times more common among the workers than the general U.S. population.

Changes in respiratory and non-respiratory symptoms in occupants of a large office building over a period of moisture damage remediation attempts

Examination of changes in symptoms over seven years in 1,175 occupants of a water-damaged office building indicated that once symptoms have developed from exposure to dampness and mold, they might not be easily improved despite remediation activities.

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