Ear and Hearing Care

Hearing Loss Is on the Rise

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5.5% people worldwide live with disabling hearing loss

Over 1 Billion people in the age group of 12-35 years are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening.

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The number of people with hearing loss is growing rapidly
A majority of people affected with hearing loss do not have access to interventions.

Universal access to quality ear and hearing care is possible through:

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Hearing screening & intervention

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Ear disease prevention & management

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Access to technologies

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Rehabilitation services

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Improved communication

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Noise reduction

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Greater community engagement

At Every Stage in Life, Hearing Care Solutions Can
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prevent hearing loss to slow its rapid rise

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address hearing loss so everyone has the chance to live full & healthy lives

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bring economic gains to society

Unaddressed Hearing Loss Has Far-reaching Consequences
  • Delayed language development
  • Cognitive decline
  • Academic underachievement
  • Higher risk of injury
  • Social isolation
  • Increased poverty

Hearing loss is expensive to communities worldwide and costs governments $980 billion annually.

Recommendations for Action
  • Avoid loud noises when possible.
  • Use hearing protection such as moldable earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Turn down the volumn, especially on personal listening devices like earbuds.
  • Take frequent breaks from noise. Give your ears a rest.
  • Get your hearing checked. Most people with hearing loss don’t know it.
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