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Previous MAHC Editions

This page includes all previous editions of the MAHC Code and Annex. See the MAHC Current Edition page for the latest and current edition of the MAHC.

2014 MAHC (1st Edition)

Posted 08/29/2014.

	cover of the model aquatic health code, first edition

Note: The search feature might not work in some versions of Adobe Acrobat when viewing these documents online. If the search function does not work when reading online, please save these documents to your hard drive before opening and ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

To use a full database-driven search function for all editions of the MAHC, including the ability to pull the MAHC code and annex up at the same time, visit the CMAHC’s Search the MAHC page.

A Microsoft Word version of the MAHC Code and/or Annex can be provided to potential users on request by emailing During the two public comment periods, CDC received 4,407 comments. Of comments that the MAHC could accept or reject (3,825), the MAHC agreed with and incorporated 72% of the suggestions.

2014 MAHC (1st Edition) by Section Number

Table of Contents

Section 1: Preface

Section 2: User Guide

Section 3: Glossary of the MAHC Code and Annex (Found in Code Only)

Section 4: Facility Design Standards and Construction

Section 5: Facility Operation and Maintenance

Section 6: Policies and Management

Section 7: MAHC Resources (Codes Cited, References; Found in Annex only)