01/26/2024: Lab Update: Access to ISO 35001:2019 – Biorisk management for laboratories and other related organisations

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Audience: Clinical Laboratories

Level: Laboratory Update

CDC’s Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS) has been authorized to offer laboratories access to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 35001:2019 – Biorisk management for laboratories and other related organisations.

DLS requests that any institution wishing to gain access to ISO 35001:2019 designates a point of contact (POC) to facilitate the process.Your POC will initiate the access request and assist in distributing access within the institution.

Process Overview:

  1. Your institution selects a POC responsible for biorisk management, such as the Laboratory Director, Biosafety Officer, or designee.
  2. The POC emails the DLS Biosafety mailbox (DLSBiosafety@cdc.gov), requesting access to the ISO 35001:2019 standard, along with your institution’s name and physical address.
  3. DLS notifies your POC via e-mail with further instructions if your institution is approved. The POC must then submit names of individuals within your institution who would like to receive the ISO standard, including the following information:
  • Work email address (personal email addresses will not be accepted)
  • The individual’s role in the organization

This initiative aims to streamline the process and ensure that DLS has an organized list of individuals interested in receiving the ISO 35001:2019 standard within each organization.

DLS recognizes this ISO standard’s importance in enhancing biorisk management in laboratories and encourages your institution to participate. For questions, contact DLSBiosafety@cdc.gov.

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