06/02/2022: Lab Advisory: CDC Publishes Non-variola Orthopoxvirus PCR Testing Procedure

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Level: Laboratory Advisory

The Laboratory Outreach Communication System (LOCS) issued a clarification for this message on 06/02/2022. Please refer to the updated LOCS message for the most current information.

On May 30, 2022, CDC published a Real-Time PCR test procedure to detect Non-variola Orthopoxvirus. This procedure is intended for international partners and any laboratories interested in pursuing a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT). This procedure includes sequence information for primer and probe development and cycling conditions.

This assay is designed to detect non-variola orthopoxviruses. It does not specifically detect mpox virus. Clinical presentation and positive test results from a Non-variola Orthopoxvirus assay is adequate for treatment and laboratories should notify the appropriate state or territorial public health authorities of positive results.

Public health laboratories have capacity for the current testing demand. Laboratories with specimens that are suspected to contain mpox virus should contact their state or territorial public health department (contact list) as soon as possible. Please refer to the CDC Specimen Collection Guidelines for Mpox Virus for more information.

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