All LMBP Recommendations

All Findings of the Community Preventive Services Task Force are as follows:

Interventions in Pre-analytic Phase LMBP™ Workgroup Conclusions Date
Interventions Related to Test Ordering
Cardiac Biomarkers In Progress
Lab Test Order Utilization In Progress
Interventions Related to Patient/ Specimen Identification
Patient /Specimen Identification – Barcoding Recommended (high overall strength) 2010
Patient /Specimen Identification–Interventions to decrease labeling errors In Progress
Interventions Related to Specimen Collection
Blood Culture Contamination
  • Recommended (high overall strength):
    • Venipuncture and
    • Phlebotomy teams as evidence-based “best practices”
  • Insufficient Evidence (IE)
    • Preparation kits
  • 2010
    Hemolyzed Blood Samples (in emergency departments)
  • Recommended (high overall strength):
    • Use of new, straight needle venipuncture vs. existing intravenous (IV) access
    • Using antecubital SITE to draw blood
  • Insufficient Evidence (IE)
    • Use of phlebotomists to drawing blood vs. emergency staff
    • Use of partial vacuum tubes
    • Use of smaller gauge needle, or tourniquet time
  • 2011
    Blood Stream Infections 2011
    Interventions Related to Specimen Transportation
    Urine Transport 2013
    Interventions in Post-analytic Phase LMBP™ Workgroup Conclusions Date
    Interventions Related to Test Reporting
    Critical Value Test Result Reporting Recommended (moderate overall strength) 2010
    Cross cutting Interventions LMBP™ Workgroup Conclusions Date
    Red Blood Cell Utilization
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