League of Laboratory Superheroes

Meet the Superheroes

We all know real life heroes in our families, in our schools, and in the workplace. Clinical and public health laboratories may seem hidden from sight but their contributions to our health and safety do not go unnoticed. We celebrate the unique contributions laboratory professionals make in clinical settings and beyond. Meet the League of Laboratory Superheroes who exemplify all the ways heroes in lab coats protect us every day. There’s more to come on the League, so be on the lookout for news of their exploits.

Luminary of Laboratory Excellence
The Luminary of Laboratory Excellence
Cover persona: Laboratory professional
Superhero symbol: Her sidekick, The Flask
Superpowers: Leadership, partnership, connecting, and inspiring
What’s her story? Anika transforms to connect people and inspire excellence.






Ready Responder

The Ready Responder
Cover persona: Laboratory professional in a state public health laboratory
Superhero symbol: Planet Earth with a jet flying around it
Superpowers: Preparedness, disaster response, and logistics
What’s his story? Hank has seen it all and understands you haven’t so he’s there for you.






Workforce Wonder
The Workforce Wonder
Cover persona: Laboratory professional in a clinical laboratory
Superhero symbol: Beacon of Knowledge
Superpowers: Attention to detail, patience in learning, awesome instruction
What’s her story? Felicity’s engaging nature makes acquiring new competencies a snap.






Safety Sentinel

The Safety Sentinel
Cover persona: Laboratory director in a research laboratory
Superhero symbol: Shield of Safety
Superpowers: Vision to find unsafe practices and power to help others fix them
What’s his story? Bill’s commitment to laboratory staff and community members starts with safety.






Quantum Quality
Quantum Quality
Cover persona: Laboratory professional in a commercial laboratory
Superhero symbol: Stamp of Quality Assurance
Superpowers: Attention to detail
What’s her story? Janet empowers teams to pursue ultimate quality in laboratory testing.






Invincible Informatician

The Invincible Informatician
Cover persona: Data analyst and informatician in a public health laboratory
Superhero symbol: Cyborg suit of interoperability
Superpowers: Data analysis and implementing interoperability
What’s his story? Maddox connects disparate data systems and uses his cybernetic suit to enhance interoperability.