Grants Management Academy

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The Grants Management Academy provides training resources and guidance on how to apply for federal grants and navigate different grants management systems, laws, and regulations, and on the life cycle of grants. This page also spotlights the Federal Grants Management Training Series.

Federal Grants Management Training Series

The Federal Grants Management Training Series helps public health staff, particularly those working with grants, understand roles and responsibilities in federal grant management and how to be good stewards of their federal awards.

Developed by CDC Foundation, in collaboration with CDC’s Office of Grants Services and CSTLTS’s Office of Island Affairs, this free, self-guided, three-video training series is designed to provide federal grant recipients with the information needed to ensure the successful management of federal grants and cooperative agreements. The series includes a Reference Guide [PDF – 4.3MB] with links to resources and steps to manage federal grants management information.

The training series is divided into three modules:

The video series is also available in Spanish on CDC Train by clicking on this link or by searching the course ID 1106557.

To access the modules, you must create a free account. Once you’re on the CDC Train webpage, click “Log In or Create Account” on the center of the screen.

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