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2.3 Demographic Subsetting Options

The options in this section allow you to request rates for specific demographic groups. You have the flexibility to specify demographic groups by race, Hispanic origin, sex, and age.


You can request fatal injury maps for six race categories:

  • all races,
  • white,
  • black,
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN),
  • Asian/Pacific Islander, and
  • other (AI/AN and Asian/PI reported together).

Hispanic Origin

You can request fatal injury maps for the following ethnicity categories:

  • all ethnicities,
  • non-Hispanic, and
  • Hispanic.

The “Hispanic” category includes persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central and South American, and other or unknown Spanish origin. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.


You can request fatal injury maps for:

  • both sexes,
  • males only, and
  • females only.


You can select the age range for a map in three different ways:

  • All ages (the default), which includes persons of unknown age.
  • Age groups, which allows you to choose a specific age range in fixed 5-year increments. This approach allows you to restrict the age range of your query, while still allowing for age-adjusted rates. If you want a map for a single 5-year age group, both age group selection boxes should contain the same entry (for example, 0–4 to 0–4).
  • Custom age range, which allows you to select any age range and provides the most flexibility. This option is particularly useful if you want information on a specific group of people whose ages do not coincide with the fixed 5-year age groups, such as teenagers (ages 13–19). If you want data for a single year of age, simply repeat the age in both selection boxes (for example, 3 to 3). Age-adjusted rates are not available when you request data for a custom age range.

Notes: Age ranges include the endpoints. For example, the age range 15–19 includes persons who were 15 years old and persons who were 19 years old. When you request a subset of the data using a narrow age range, maps showing county-level detail may have many unstable rates (described in the section Death Rate Calculation Options under Type of Rate); unstable rates are not displayed.

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