Guidance Documents

Antibiotic Stewardship Statement for Antibiotic Guidelines - Recommendations of the HICPAC (2016)

How to incorporate stewardship in treatment guidelines.

Antibiotic Stewardship Statement – Print Version [PDF – 194 KB]

Essential Elements of a Reprocessing Program for Flexible Endoscopes - Recommendations of the HICPAC (2016)

Healthcare facilities should have a reliable, high-quality system for endoscope reprocessing which minimizes infection risks. To achieve this goal, all reprocessing programs must have an infrastructure that supports training and competencies, quality measurement, and management. The following guidance is provided to assist healthcare facilities, including clinical and administrative staff, to achieve a reliable, high-quality reprocessing program.

Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing Guidance – Print Version [PDF – 248 KB]

Public Reporting of Health Care-Associated Surveillance Data - Recommendations of the HICPAC (2013)

Recommended standards for the use of HAI surveillance data for external facility assessment to ensure valid comparisons of data between facilities.

Public Reporting of Health Care-Associated Surveillance Data – Print Version [PDF – 6 pages]

Guidance on Public Reporting of Healthcare-Associated Infections - Recommendations of the HICPAC (2005)

Guidelines for public health and HAI reporting systems based on established principles. This document is intended to assist with the design and implementation of public HAI reporting systems.

Public Reporting of HAIs – Print Version [PDF – 149 KB]