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Status of the HICPAC Part One Draft of the update to Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings.  As of January 23, 2024

CDC has reviewed the HICPAC Part One Draft of the guideline and is sending questions to HICPAC for more technical consideration.

Next Steps:

  • HICPAC workgroup, which is being expanded to include additional subject matter experts, will discuss the questions in order to determine if changes to the draft guideline are needed.
  • HICPAC workgroup will present their responses and any suggested revisions to the draft guidelines at a regularly scheduled HICPAC public meeting. Once complete, HICPAC will review and vote on the draft guideline.
  • Once the committee votes to approve, the responses and draft guideline will be returned to CDC.
  • CDC will post the guideline to the Federal Register for public comment.

Additional information on the HICPAC process for updating guidelines is available in the blog posts below.

Healthcare worker in a healthcare facility

A CDC Update on the Draft update to the Guideline for Isolation Precautions
January 23, 2024

healthcare worker in a medical facility using touchless hand sanitizer

In case you missed it: November HICPAC Public Meeting recap
November 3, 2023

healthcare workers wearing scrubs and masks

Q&A on HICPAC’s process to update 2007 Isolation Guideline
October 31, 2023

African American female healthcare worker dons a face mask as she approaches a healthcare facility

HICPAC invites your comments on revised isolation precautions guideline this fall
August 15, 2023