Epidemiology is the basic science of public health genomics, concerned with understanding how human and pathogen genomic variation affects the distribution of disease in populations .

The Office of Public Health Genomics tracks epidemiologic study results in our weekly horizon scan and Advanced Molecular Detection Clips and deposits relevant publications in the Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base.

In addition, the Office established the Human Genome Epidemiology Network (HuGENet) to help translate human genetic research findings into opportunities for preventive medicine and public health. For more than a decade, HuGENet has advanced a population perspective on human genetic variation in health and disease through data synthesis, interpretation, and dissemination.

To learn more about Human Genome Epidemiology resources, please click on the links below.

A Primer Series on -Omic Technologies for the Practice of Epidemiology

NEW: Special 2017 articles on Gene-Environment Interaction in Epidemiology

Selected CDC Articles

Check out all CDC publications in epidemiology and public health genomics.

Epidemiology Resources

  • HuGE Navigator
    A searchable, online knowledge base in human genome epidemiology, updated weekly from PubMed.
  • Guidelines
    Published recommendations for enhancing the reporting, synthesis, and translation of human genome epidemiology research.
  • Bibliography
    Published guidelines, methods, analyses, and commentaries in human genome epidemiology.
  • Reviews
    Instructions for reading and writing HuGE Reviews.
  • Case studies
    Self-guided online case studies for teaching concepts in human genome epidemiology.
  • HuGENet Workshops
    Agendas and summaries for past HuGENet workshops.
  • Links
    Links to organizations and databases around the world.
  • Advanced Molecular Detection Clips
    Links to epidemiology articles relevant to pathogen genomics.
  • Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base
    CDC curated database that features epidemiologic studies of human and pathogen genomics.
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