Preventing Fleas in the Yard

Fleas prefer habitats with shade, as they cannot tolerate the sun for long periods. To prevent flea infestations, make your yard as unattractive to fleas as possible by:

  • Mowing frequently. Mowing exposes the soil to the sun, which fleas try to avoid.
  • Avoiding over-watering. Fleas thrive in humid environments so keeping the yard dry makes it less inviting.
  • Treating dog runs with insecticides to make it less prone to fleas.
  • Raking thoroughly to remove any debris. This increases flea exposure to potential insecticides and removes any shaded and humid breeding places.
  • Keep rodents and animals (e.g. opossums) away from your home:
    • Store food, including pet food, in tight sealing containers.
    • Remove brush, rock piles, junk, and cluttered firewood outside of your home.
    • Seal up holes in your home where rodents can enter.
    • Keep tight lids on compost and trash cans.
    • The CDC’s rodents website offers helpful suggestions on rodent control during and after a rodent infestation.

Additionally, wild and stray animals commonly carry fleas. Put away pet food to discourage stray animals from hanging around your home and limit your pet’s contact with wild and stray animals.