What’s New?

September 29, 2023

Enhancements to Data Accessibility

CDC continually strives to improve accessibility and accuracy of its National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (referred to as the Report). The latest edition of the Report includes two new features (search and export functions) and updated terminology.

New Search Functionality

Since CDC transitioned the Report to an online interface in March 2022, users have been able to search for a chemical by entering its name, chemical group, specimen type, or survey year into the search box in Step 2 of the table viewer: Biomonitoring Data Tables for Environmental Chemicals | CDC.

In this latest edition of the Report, CDC has added Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS RN) to the search functionality. By typing a CAS RN directly into the search bar in Step 2, users can quickly navigate to their chemical of interest.

New Feature to Export Summary Data

CDC’s most recent effort to improve accessibility of its biomonitoring data is the addition of a feature that converts the contents of a data table into a text file. Text files can be read by a variety of software programs, including statistical software programs used by researchers, public health partners, and other valued end users. After navigating to their table of interest, users can now download the associated text file by clicking the “Download this table in text format” link that appears above the data table.

Updated Terminology for Demographic Categories

CDC strives to reach a variety of audiences using inclusive and appropriate language. We have updated the terminology used to describe certain demographic categories based on CDC’s health equity guiding principles: Health Equity Guiding Principles for Inclusive Communication | Gateway to Health Communication | CDC. These minor changes to terminology do not affect demographic category definitions or the summary estimates presented in the Report’s data tables.

Updated Terminology for Demographic Categoriess
Previous category label New category label
Males Male
Females Female
All Hispanics All Hispanic
Mexican Americans Mexican American
Non-Hispanic Whites Non-Hispanic White
Non-Hispanic Blacks Non-Hispanic Black
Asians Non-Hispanic Asian