Intergovernmental Personnel Mobility Act (IPA)

The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) mobility authority is a program that facilitates the sharing and transfer of expertise, knowledge, and technology between state and local governments, higher education institutions, and other eligible organizations through the temporary assignment of personnel to assist with intergovernmental cooperation.

Any non-federal personnel on assignment to a federal agency via an IPA agreement is subject to a number of provisions of law governing the ethical and other conduct of federal employees. Additionally, non-federal personnel are also subject to the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (5 CFR part 735), which regulates employee responsibilities and conduct, as well as agency standards of conduct regulations.

The CDC Ethics and Compliance Activity conducts a conflict-of-interest assessment on all IPA agreements to ensure there are no real or apparent conflicts before the IPA candidate begins their CDC assignment.

To ensure CDC remains compliant with conflict-of-interest provisions, the following requirements must be met by all non-federal IPA assignees on new agreements before they are cleared for onboarding at CDC.

IPA assignees must:

View the Standards of Conduct guidelines for detailed information.

For questions or guidance pertaining to the ethics review, contact the CDC Ethics and Compliance Activity (ECA) at