ELC Domain Areas

In August 2019, ELC began a new 5-year period of performance under CK19-1904. ELC funds 64 recipients to detect, prevent, and respond to the growing threats posed by infectious diseases through three domain areas.

The difference between a program and a project is that a program must have activities in all three domain areas. A project can have activities in one or two domain areas. Below are the domain areas:

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Surveillance, Detection, and Response

  • Enhance investigation and outbreak response
  • Improve surveillance and reporting
  • Strengthen laboratory testing for response
  • Improve laboratory coordination and outreach to improve efficiency
  • Enhance workforce capacity
  • Enhance coordination between epi-lab
  • Advance electronic information exchange implementation
  • Sustain and/or enhance information systems
  • Enhance laboratory testing for surveillance and reporting
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Prevention and Intervention

  • Implement public health interventions and tools
  • Implement health promotion strategies
  • Implement public health best practices, guidelines, programs, and policy
  • Surveillance data used to inform and prepare intervention strategies
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Communications, Coordination, and Partnerships

  • Facilitate information dissemination to the public regarding infectious disease surveillance and prevention strategies
  • Enhance collaborations between state epidemiology and laboratory as well as regional/local public health departments
  • Strengthen partnerships between public health, hospital infection control, and clinical labs