COVID-19 Support

How does ELC Provide Support for the COVID-19 Response?

In addition to its yearly core funding, ELC administers and monitors funding on behalf of CDC in response to emerging infectious disease epidemics, such as the H1N1, Ebola, and Zika virus outbreaks. Currently, ELC provides essential support to state, large local, and U.S. territory and affiliate health departments for COVID-19 response activities.

ELC’s COVID-19 funding:

  • Enables testing, sequencing, and case investigation and contact tracing
  • Enhances and expands laboratory and disease surveillance systems
  • Aids efforts to address health inequities
  • Increases data transparency
  • Improves infection prevention and control efforts
  • Supports the work of state, local, territorial and freely associated state health departments

Through ELC support, health departments can continue critical COVID-19 response activities while bolstering their capacity to address future infectious disease outbreaks.

Reopening Schools

ELC Reopening Schools Spending categories

Supplements, Guidance, and Project Periods for ELC COVID-19 Awards

ELC and its partners develop guidance for each COVID-19 award, which outline the purpose, required activities, and reporting requirements associated with each funding package. Please use the button below to see the large ELC COVID-19 supplemental award amounts, the legislation that made funding possible, and the guidance documents outlining how funds are to be used to address the COVID-19 response.

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