Working Group Activities for FY 2018

2018 FSMA Annual Report

During its seventh year, the FSMA-SWG met twice, once at CDC in Atlanta and once at The Pew Charitable Trusts (Pew) in Washington, DC, to consider several recent and ongoing developments in foodborne illness surveillance that are key to maintaining and improving surveillance systems. The December 2017 meeting focused on exploring what CDC and state foodborne illness surveillance data could be used to evaluate the impacts of FSMA, and providing CDC updates on priority initiatives (e.g., the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration [IFSAC], CIDTs, whole genome sequencing [WGS], FoodNet and its associated population survey, improvement in surveillance data transfer from states and within CDC). The May 2018 meeting focused on identifying CIDT issues and knowledge gaps and generating potential solutions in public health practice, surveillance, and technology. These topics and Working Group discussions are summarized below. Previous annual reports and topics reviewed are listed in Appendix 2 and posted on the BSC/OID FSMA-SWG website.

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