Kimberle C. Chapin, MD, ABMM, FCAP
Kimberle C. Chapin, MD, ABMM, FCAP

Chief Medical Officer
Barcelona, Spain
Term: July 2021 – June 2025

Dr. Chapin is a past CLIAC member with over 30 years of experience in the clinical diagnostic arena, specifically in all areas of microbiology and molecular technologies.  She has led a diverse group of clinical laboratories that include high-complexity as well as point-of-care testing. Dr. Chapin has expertise in the laboratory diagnosis and clinical management of infectious diseases and is actively involved in research of current molecular methods in microbiology and clinical diagnosis of microbial disease.  She has worked in clinical medicine, and diagnostics and recently joined Deepull, a molecular diagnostic company, as CMO. Dr. Chapin continues in her role as Professor at Brown Medical School in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine in educational and committee roles.