Evacuate In a Chemical Emergency

Cars and trucks line up in traffic on a road. In the foreground, a round blue road sign says “Emergency Management Evacuation Route” with an arrow pointing the way the vehicles are going.

Some chemical emergencies, such as a train derailment or terrorist attack, may make staying put and sealing off your space (sheltering-in-place) dangerous to you. It may be safer for you to leave the area of danger (evacuate). You may need to go to an emergency shelter after leaving the area of danger.

What does Evacuate mean?

  • “Evacuate” means to get away from danger. It means the area or building is not safe for you stay in during a chemical emergency. You must leave and go to a shelter or other place outside of the area so you may stay as safe as possible until the emergency is under control.
  • Listen to the radio, television, or your mobile news app, or follow instructions in text alerts to find the nearest shelter and go there.