Injury Prevention Research - transcript

Hello, I’m Dr. Ileana Arias and I’m the Director of CDC’s Injury Center. We work to
prevent injuries and violence and reduce their consequences so that people can live to
their full potential.
Every day at the Injury Center, we face the statistics that reflect how a life full of promise
can be shortchanged by injuries and violence. So what are we doing to solve these
problems? Well, one thing we’re doing is investing in research. Research is fundamental
to our success, because good data are essential in making sound, smart investments.
Research provides the knowledge that we need to understand what’s possible and what’s
not. This knowledge is then used to develop effective programs and policies.
Let me give you a real-life example of this. Over the last several years, the Injury Center
has supported a large-scale study to test the effectiveness of triple P, or “Positive
Parenting Program.” The study showed that when parents have access to parenting
information and support to help with their specific parenting problems, measures of child
maltreatment fall and families who have used triple P have experienced big differences in
their children and improvements in their overall family life.
This is just one of several major topic areas that need immediate attention and more
scientific input. We’ve outlined specific priority topic areas in our center’s new Research
Agenda. We’re working with the injury prevention and control community to implement
this agenda for a safer, healthier nation. Investing in these priorities will help prevent
needless deaths and painful, costly injuries.
With your support, we know we can make a difference. To learn how you can help, or to
get a copy of the Injury Center’s new Research Agenda, please visit the Injury Center’s
web site.

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