Noise is All Around You - transcript

[Narrator] Noise is all around you. It occurs at all times, day and night. Sound that’s 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss. You may need to protect your ears from loud sounds you hear throughout the day and here’s why. You wake up using your phone as an alarm and that’s fine because it doesn’t last too long. Taking a shower isn’t too loud for your ears, making a smoothie, getting louder. As long as you don’t yell, this is totally fine but if the daughter is listening to loud music, turn down the volume. Vacuum on, but not too long. Getting loud. Use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Please don’t rev the bike. This is fun but it’s a little loud. Enjoy your music but lower the volume. Yikes, good thing your windows are up. Getting loud and louder. Move away from the speakers and use earplugs. Enjoy your exercise class but you need to bring earplugs with you. The music can be loud. Move away from the speakers. Use earplugs. Even the band is wearing them. You’re tired at the end of the day so you rest and recover. So must your ears. Research suggest a 16-hour rest period following prolonged exposure to noise. So it’s important to protect your hearing. Turn the volume down. Plug or cover your ears and move away from the loud noise. Take breaks from the noise. When you find yourself in noisy environments, be sure to use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to protect your hearing, so that you can enjoy these activities. Remember, loud noise can cause hearing loss and once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.
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Page last reviewed: August 6, 2018