The Trouble with Tiny Turtles - Transcript

While many people like pet reptiles, some are riskier than others.

Here’s what you need to know about tiny turtles.

Any turtle can carry germs, like Salmonella, that can make people sick.

You can get Salmonella from turtles by touching them, their tank water, or the areas they live and roam in.

You can’t see germs like Salmonella.

Turtles can look healthy and clean but still carry germs.

Tiny turtles, which have shells smaller than four inches long, are especially dangerous.

Contact with tiny turtles has been linked to several large outbreaks of Salmonella infection, making more than 400 people sick, mostly young kids.

If you buy a pet turtle, get it from a pet store you trust.

Only buy a turtle with a shell longer than four inches.

Here’s how to handle your pet turtle safely.

Always wash your hands after handling it or touching areas where it lives and roams, especially tank water.

Don’t bathe it or clean it’s tank in your kitchen or bathroom; do this outside. If you have to wash it inside, use a tub or bin that is only used for your pet.

And whatever you do, don’t kiss or snuggle your turtle!

If you don’t want your turtle anymore, don’t just toss it! Call your local pet store or reptile rescue.

Turtles can be great pets, but they aren’t right for every family. Families that include kids younger than five, adults over 65, or those with weak immune systems should consider a different pet.

For more information, visit c d c dot gov slash healthy pets

Page last reviewed: December 18, 2017