I Never Get The Flu Transcript

[Female] I never get the flu.
[Female] My kids don’t need more shots.
[Male] I don’t have time.
[Female] We’re all healthy.
[Female] My asthma’s under control.
[Female] But, I’m pregnant.
[Female] I’ve had the flu before; it’s not a big deal.
[Female] My kids are too old for flu.
[Male] The media is exaggerating.
[Female] I can fight it naturally.
[Male] My diabetes—it’s under control.
[Narrator] No matter how you build your excuses, H1N1 swine flu can blow your house down. [Male] I can’t believe I used up all my sick time.
[Female] I missed a week of school during finals.
[Male] Now my baby has it because of me.
[Female] The hospital? Death?
[Narrator] Keep your foundation strong. Vaccinate. Learn more at flu.gov.
[Announcer] A message from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Page last reviewed: June 18, 2014