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Diseases & Conditions - Influenza Videos

CDC Video: Fighting Flu

Fighting Flu (3:35)

Renowned Hollywood actor, Wes Studi, expresses concern about the higher threat that flu poses to Native peoples. Studi reaches out to American Indians and Alaska Natives to get vaccinated, prevent the spread of germs and take antivirals that can help. Studi urges viewers to protect the circle of life and know the facts about the flu to protect themselves, their families and their communities from influenza.

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CDC Video: H1N1 (Swine Flu)

H1N1 (Swine Flu) (5:46)

CDC influenza expert, Joseph Bresee, M.D., describes how to recognize the signs and symptoms of swine flu including how swine flu is transmitted, appropriate medicines for treatment and steps to take to prevent or treat illness.

CDC Video: I Never Get The Flu

I Never Get The Flu (1:00)

If you think 2009 H1N1 flu can't affect you, your family, or your friends, think again. Take 60 seconds to watch this reminder on why vaccination is so important. All of the excuses any of us make don't stand a chance against this serious disease.

CDC Video: Antiviral Drugs: Seasonal Flu

Influenza Round Table: Antiviral Drugs – 2010 (1:17)

Many people believe that there is no treatment for a virus and that you have to let it run its course. But when it comes to influenza, there are prescription drugs that can be used for treatment. They can make our symptoms milder and make us feel better faster. These drugs are an important tool against flu especially for people at higher risk of severe illness from the flu.

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CDC Video: Influenza Round Table: Don't Get, Don't Spread

Influenza Round Table: Don’t Get, Don’t Spread – 2010 (1:22)

The "Don't Get, Don't Spread" video shows how to reduce your risk of becoming ill with an influenza virus. The video demonstrates what you can do to make sure you don't get the flu and how you can be sure you don't spread the flu to others, if you get sick.

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CDC Video: Influenza Round Table - Take 3

Influenza Round Table: Take 3 – 2010 (2:20)

The video's theme is a takeoff from the old doctor's bromide, 'Take two and call me in the morning?' Expert Dr. Joe Bresee suggests that when it comes to influenza, it may be best to 'take three.' It could save your life.

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CDC Video: Influenza Round Table: Warning Signs

Influenza Round Table: Warning Signs – 2010 (1:14)

The video details the warning signs of the flu including fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue and whether you should seek medical help.

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CDC Video: Mixing Tamiflu

Mixing Tamiflu® with Sweet Liquids (2:35)

If your doctor prescribes Tamiflu® capsules for your child and your child cannot swallow them, our online video shows how the prescribed capsules may be opened and mixed with a sweet thick liquid and given that way. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Roche, the maker of the antiviral medicine Tamiflu®, have said that the available supplies of liquid Tamiflu® for children are limited.

CDC Video: Why Flu Vaccination Matters

Personal Stories: Why Flu Vaccination Matters (3:26)

Each year in the US, nearly 20,000 children under age 5 are hospitalized due to flu-related complications. CDC recommends that children aged six months through 18 years old get a flu vaccination. Moving personal stories help parents and caregivers learn about the dangers of influenza to children and the benefits of vaccination.

CDC Video: Antivirals

Wes Studi: Antivirals (:60)

Wes Studi, Hollywood actor and Cherokee tribal member, counsels American Indians and Alaska Natives with seasonal or H1N1 flu to ask their healthcare provider about prescription medicines called antivirals that can help them feel better faster and prevent the more severe effects of flu.

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