About CDC-TV


CDC–TV is an online video resource available through CDC.gov. CDC-TV videos cover a variety of health, safety and preparedness topics as part of CDC′s goal of achieving true improvements in people′s lives by accelerating health impact and reducing health disparities. Most videos are short and easily downloadable while all include closed–captioning (some videos are also open–captioned), so they are accessible to all interested viewers. The library of videos will expand to include single–topic presentations as well as different video series focused on children, parents, and public health professionals. Providing short, high–quality videos is part of CDC′s goal to increase people′s access to the information necessary to help prevent illness and injury and to protect their health and that of their families.

Current Activities

Each “Health Matters” feature is produced in collaboration with subject matter experts within CDC′s Centers, Institutes and Offices. Features will build upon and provide links to other online resources for each topic where viewers can find more information. These programs will provide insights into each topic, information about research or programs from CDC, and ideas on how viewers might address the issue. Other CDC–TV content includes PSA′s, and innovative content such as the animated “Eyes of the Eagle” book series.


CDC–TV programs are used nationally and internationally in clinics, hospitals, health departments, educational settings, public access channels and hospital networks among many settings. Through September 2012, programs have been viewed more than 85 million times and distributed free of charge by CDC, partners and viewers through e–mail alerts, listservs, and social networking tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).


CDC receives consistent feedback from viewers that speaks to the utility of and demand for CDC–TV programming. Comments include:

  • “Impressive, informative, high quality and reassuring”
  • “Please develop more, excellent for the visual learner.”
  • “Now, I′ll get my flu shot. Glad I watched!”
  • “A big THANK YOU! As a school nurse this will be a great tool for instruction & reinforcement”
  • “The audio and visual resources from CDC have been invaluable for helping us to convey health information by utilizing a cost–effective, dynamic format to educate emergency nurses and their patients.”
  • “Excellent resource. Continue to provide this service.”
  • “CDC TV is the best example of a smart use of Government resources.”

Page last reviewed: March 30, 2017