The combined Landline and Cellular Telephone Survey Multiple Questionnaire Version Data including Optional Modules

Limited support is provided for the BRFSS multiple-version questionnaire data collection format. In 2012 the multiple-version questionnaire design consists of up to three questionnaires asked each month of the survey year on both the landline survey and the cellular telephone survey. The core instrument must be asked without any changes in all versions of the questionnaire. The optional modules and state-added questions can be asked on either one or all versions, but must be asked throughout all twelve months of the survey. Three additional weights are provided for use with variables resulting from questions asked only on one of the three versions of the questionnaire.

To reduce confusion about which weight to use with which variable, three additional combined landline and cellular telephone data sets are available for 2012. These data sets contain the data from the states which conducted multiple-version questionnaires on both their landline and cellular telephone surveys and used optional modules in 2012. For more information, please refer to the documentation below.

About the Combined Landline and Cellular Telephone Multiple Version Questionnaire Module Data

Use of BRFSS Combined Landline and Cellular Telephone Multiple Version Questionnaire Data [PDF – 104 KB]

Please read this document before performing any data analyses. This document contains a list of states that used the multiple questionnaire and which modules they used. Initial release July 2013.